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The Secret Sauce for Asset Security
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Private Rules™: A Secret Sauce to Enhance Security
Using your password to login to your bank or other vital site can be a dangerous moment. Is someone looking over your shoulder? Is a hacker observing your actions? It’s a moment that could cost you a lot. With  patented Private Rules, you get to choose the “secret sauce” you like to make your login more secure.

The secret sauce is a hidden action not likely to be noticed by a thief, like a deliberate subtle error in a CAPTCHA or the precise time you login or exactly where on a button you click. There are many options. You choose what you like, and you choose what happens if the secret sauce is missing. One option is “feigned access” which lets thieves with your password think they have gained access, but it’s fake access that leaves you protected in the end.

Find our for yourself with your free accounts at and our generous partner, First Cosmic Bank.  
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First Cosmic Bank is a new breed of bank using an old breed of financial management, faith-based “digital fiat currency” backed by people’s willingness to believe. Their “Cosmic Cash” is better than Bitcoin because it’s super sustainable. Instead of eating up much of the world’s electricity to crank out a few coins, many trillions of Cosmic Cash dollars are created every day with just a few electrons and a tiny whiff of energy. And while supplies last, you can get ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in free Cosmic Cash just by signing up as a customer. But then you’re going want to secure that money! That’s where Private Rules™ comes in. 
Create and Link Your Private Rules Account to First Cosmic Bank
After you create your First Cosmic account, copy the account number. Create a Private Rules account and then in your Private Rules account, select “add account,” select First Cosmic bank, and enter your account number and email for First Cosmic. This prepares Private Rules to govern your login there, but first you need to complete the linkage from First Cosmic. Select “Advanced Settings” there and click on the button to link to Private Rules. You’ll be prompted to login to Private Rules again to verify you are legit. After that, the rules settings in Private Rules will control login at First Cosmic. 

Update: For users of Safari on some devices, there were a couple of problems with linking accounts or editing CAPTCHA rules. Those issues should now be resolved. Any bugs or suggestions can be reported using the feedback form below.
Test the Power of Private Rules
Private Rules currently provides 3 different types of “secret sauce” with a variety of flavors, and they can be combined if you wish. These flavors are CAPTCHA, Timing (of login), and Position (where you click on the Login button). Select the type of rule you want, enable it, and select the details you like. You can require one, two, or all three flavors of secret sauce. But start off with something simple that you can easily remember.

For CAPTCHA, you have 3 choices for introducing a deliberate error into how you respond to the 5-letter CAPTCHA challenge at First Cosmic. You can insert a character of your choice into a specific position (positions 1-6, where 6 is the position after the five requested letters), replace a character of your choice, or change the case of character of your choice. 

For timing, note the little timer below the login area at First Cosmic. The timing rules relate to what is displayed. You can require a specific digit to be present in the seconds display (e.g., there must be a 7 when you click), or you can require that you wait for a specific time on the timer such as 0:43. The timer is reset when you reload the page.

For position, you can choose a specific location to click on when you click the Login button.

On Private Rules, when you are editing rules for an account, one of the tabs is “General” where you select what happens when the secret sauce is missing at login. The default is “feigned access,” but you can choose “denied access” if you wish. Feigned access at First Cosmic shows an account with $1000 present, and functions like transferring money won’t work. Lets a thief think they are in when they really aren’t.

Keep your trillion safe from thieves with the power of Private Rules and let us know what you think of the concept and its potential. There are many other uses described in the patents, including adding security to credit card purchases, smart phones, automobiles, and much more. We are currently looking for partners to further commercialize and implement the technology for secure login, cell phone security, automotive security, and other applications. For more information, contact the inventor using the form below.
Video explaining how to use and test Private Rules™ with your First Cosmic Bank account.
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Related patents include US 9959694, “Security System for Protecting an Asset” by Jeffrey Dean Lindsay.